Pretty Nails, Messy Mansion.
I am in love with my Messy Mansion plates! The MM series is full of elegant designs that inspire some of my most beautiful mani ideas. I am determined to get them all. They stamp really well with plain polishes and give full coverage even on my weirdly wide thumb. Messy Mansion's customer service is the good old fashioned personal kind. It is a pleasure to buy from here because I know that not only am I getting a plate that I will use a lot but I'm buying them from a lovely person who cares about providing a high quality product.
Shellie, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
I just love Messy Mansion plates; each plate gives a wide variety of designs that perfectly portray the holiday or theme they represent. In addition, the designs are lovely, well etched, and unique! Please keep making your lovely plates, and I will be a happy customer for a long time to come!
Michelle Andrews, USA
Messy Mansion not only has fantastic plates, but excellent customer service too! My plates arrived really quickly. Not only do I love the designs, but they are a high quality plate too. Definitely will be ordering new plates as soon as they are released! Thank you MM :)
Kelly Iannello, Website
I bought the MM05 stamping plate (with the dragons!), and am really pleased with it - the plate is nicely made and the (unusual and striking) stamps have such delicate intricate detailing. The images transfer very well too and the plate is generally easy to work with. The pricing of the plates and cost of shipping is very reasonable for such high quality products. I shall be back for more!
J A Lee, Scotland, Website
My plates just have arrived and I' m very happy with my purchase. The designs are the biggest I ever seen, perfect for my long nails! I will post swatches in my blog as soon as posible and I'm choosing others plates to order!
Moonlight Sloan, Spain, Website
I hear about Messymansion through Facebook, for some reason i could not order the plates ealier. But i was dying to get my hands on them and then they got out of like a die hard passionate lover, i used to visit the site daily to get the good news..And when they did finally came in stock i order them..Now when am proud owner of the plate..i must say all my love for them has grown seeing them on my nails...Thank you Thank you for the wonderful plate and superb customer-service..Love you guys...Hoping to order more in future for sure..U got a fan in me for life...
Kanika chopra, United States
I love the MM series nail plates !!! Awsome designs and they work really good as well . I hope more get made I love the themes !!!
Got my plates today! Love them. All the images stamped perfectly! Thanks!
Sue, Atlanta, Ga
I am a repeat customer at Messy Mansion. It has multiple bonuses for me, postage is free because they are a local company, and I get to feed my addiction for amazing nail stamp products, all original designs. The service is prompt and courteous, and I find myself coming back often to browse and check out new arrivals. Thanks Messy Mansion, its time to go paint my nails again!
Bec Brown, Australia.
I have ordered from Messy Mansion several times and have always been satisfied with their quick customer service and their wonderful plates! I own MM01, 04 and 05 and have just ordered 02, 07 and 08. Thank you so much and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next.
Traci Lecheler, USA
I am delighted with my purchase at Messy Mansion, the plates are all fantastic, the communication was sooo pleasant and the service is superb! I can't wait to get more MM plates, l used MM04 the other day to do a St. Patrick's Day inspired manicure and I was so impressed! It stamps amazing and the designs are perfection, love them to bits! It doesn't get any better than that. Thank you so much Julia and everyone at Messy Mansion!
Valentina, Genova, Italy
Loved my new plates and such quick delivery .......Happy Happy...... Thank you cheers Anne
Anne Scott
This was my first Messy Mansion plate order, and I have to say I'm over the moon happy with everything! I love the plates, I tried each and every one that I ordered and they all stamp beautifully :) I love the designs, they are all original and are dups from other companies! They were shipped extremely fast, and I received them within a week :D I'm overall pleased with everything and will definitely be purchasing from here again! Thank you so much for putting dragons on a stamping plate, and can't wait for new designs :)
Megan Rowe, Ontario, Canada
I recently purchased MM04 and MM06 and these are the best stamping plates I have ever used not only do the images have great detail, they also are large. Perfect for our sisters out there with large nail beds. I can't say enough good things about these plates.
Therese, Queensland
I ordered plates MM04, MM05 & MM06 on the 20th and received them on the 28th. (Which I consider fast coming from Australia to the US.) The image plates were amazing. Larger images fill my entire nail and even the finest details come out looking sharp. I will definitely be getting more from the MM series. Thank you.
Glenda M, Wisconsin, US
I had a great experience ordering from Messy Mansion. There is a great variety of plates offered with designs I haven't seen anywhere else. I bought plate MM04 and love all the Irish/St. Patrick's Day designs. I checked and couldn't find anything else similar online. The shipping cost is very reasonable and I was very happy with how quickly my order was shipped and received. I also really liked the personal email I received very soon after my order. I look forward to more purchases in the future and highly recommend Messy Mansion.
Allison B, USA
I have bought a number of Image Plates from Messy Mansion and I couldn't be more thrilled!! The quality and designs are top notch!! Customer service..FANTASTIC! Shipping..EXTREMELY REASONABLE and FAST! The MM series are by far my fave on the site but they have soooo many to choose from! All I can say is try them won't be disappointed! And PLEASE keep those MM series coming...they're FABULOUS!!! <3<3<3
Corri Szucs (Nail Polish Junkie), Alberta, Canada, Website
Since I discovered Messy Mansion a few months ago, I've ordered 4 plates and have plans to order several of the upcoming plates. The quality is fantastic, they stamp so nicely, and CS is amazing! Can't complain about the prices of the plates or the shipping either :) I highly, highly recommend this seller, you won't be disappointed!
Jenette Maitland-Tomblin, Sunny Florida, USA, Website
Messy mansion are the best So much better than the rest Nail art plates that make you go ooooohhh You get so excited you need the loo Helpful,friendly and quick to deliver Just look at their plates and you go all of a quiver. X
Caroline shropshire, England, Website
I highly recommend the MM series plates - unique designs, and images that stamp crisp and clear. Particularly enjoy the photos of manicures using the plates, that inspiration usually turns the plates into 'must-haves' for me. Messy Mansion's customer service is fantastic, even for international customers. I will be a repeat customer and look forward to seeing new designs.
Jenna M, Canada
Great, kind and fast service. And I just love the Messy Mansion stamping series, such unique plates. I only have one (MM03) but I love that one so much. Have done a couple of mani's with them see It really stamps perfectly, also the hearts with the big stamping surface from whom I thought at first they might cause a bit of trouble (I had trouble with big surfaces from other brands before but not at all with MM03 :) ) The rest of these MM plates are definitely on my wishlist <3 (and also some of the rest they're are selling)
Diana van Nisselroy, The Netherlands, Website
I love the MM plates, they have great unique designs and the shipping is amazingly fast to the US!
I have MM series plates, and the images are large enough to fit long/wide nails. Images are original, not copies of other plates where we see repetetive images. Each plate is well made, and stamp great. I love how each plate has a theme, no mixed up images of several themes. If you need a Valentine plate, there are several images on the plate, really no need to keep looking. I would highly recommend these plates to new or veteran stampers. You will love them!
Di Ann Knieling, USA
I have bought plates MM01 and MM02, the Christmas and New year plates. What i like about Messy Mansion plates is that they are so unique you can't buy plates anything like these anywhere else. The plates are engraved well and are so easy to use i get a perfect stamp everytime. The Plates were dispatched very quickly and were delivered quickly too. I love Messy mansion plates and am looking forward to seeing new designs in the future.
Julie Ginn, England
I was so impressed with my Messy Mansion stamping plates! easy to use, application was perfect, beautiful unique designs & i love the price! Also love how the french tip designs are a little wider, no double stamping to fit across the whole thumb! The fact that Im buying from an Australian business rather than overseas makes me very happy too, love to support local trade!
mel strauss, Sydney Australia, Website
I have purchased 3 plates so far from you and simple adore each one. The images are large so they cover my entire nail which is hard to find in plates. They stamp beautifully. I live in the US and received them quickly without any issues along with an additional surprise, which I thought was so sweet of her to do! I look forward to purchasing some of MM up coming designs as well in the future!
Holly chimber, United States
I love it ?? nail polish art with stamper images are very awesome..
Desi Lyn DelRosario
Julia, the mistress of the Messy Mansion, is a fantastic designer/creator -- the images on her brand of plates are unique, gorgeous, and of exceptional quality. I enjoy seeing the manicures she makes with her designs, some of which are mind-blowing. (If you haven't seen her Three Wise Men mani with MM01, get over there right now.) Julia's customer service is superb and she is very responsive. Her shipping rates from Australia are quite reasonable and only takes an average of 7-10 days to reach the United States. Give a Messy Mansion plate a try. You won't be disappointed. :)
Christina Brown, United States
Quality plates, original designs, fast, friendly, and reliable service...who could ask for more?
Linda S, Canada
I love your range of plates, all the info that you give on how to use them properly, your wonderful prompt service and that when I contact you I always get a prompt and helpful reply.
Anjanette Edwards, Victoria, Australia
Fantastic website, easy to navigate and such good prices! I love the plates and they're really good quality and I was amazed at the speed of delivery. Definately one of my favorite nail art shopping sites!
Petra K, Melbourne, Australia
I heard about Messy Mansion through my Nail Stamping Group(Adventures in Stamping) On Facebook,since then I have placed several orders and have had excellent customer service even when the post office was late,they where not(they immediately shipped out an replacement order.) As far as the stamping goes every plate that I have from there business has been OUT OF THIS WORLD GREAT,Stamps well every image comes off without a problem,from the single ones to the full nail design,I just love and I have a list of plates for future order,Buy from them and your Nails will never be the same...A Customer for LIFE, Cheree T.
Cheree Trodder, USA, Website
I own MM01, MM04 and MM05. These are wonderful plates, with great detail and images that are large enough to fit even my thumbs. I plan on adding several more from this series as soon as they are available! Thank you for such a great product!
Traci Lecheler, La Crosse, WI. USA
I ordered some holiday plates not too long before Christmas. I really didn't think I'd ever have them in time to use for the upcoming holiday season. I was very pleasantly surprised at how fast the overseas shipping was. The plates are great quality, very nicely engraved. Stamping was a breeze with the nice size images, and my 3 Wise Men Christmas mani was a huge hit as was my New Year's Eve mani. Will definitely buy from Messy Mansion again in the future.
Diane Graham
I'm a relative newcomer to nail stamping. I had seen it around and liked it but nothing really grabbed me and made me say, "Wow! I've got to try that!" Then I saw a manicure done using the Christmas lights design from one of the Messy Mansion holiday plates. It was gorgeous, and that was it, I was hooked. Not only was it a Messy Mansion design that got me started, but her designs just keep me coming back for more. The plates are well made and easy to use, and the designs are some that simply can't be found elsewhere. Keep it up, Julie!
Kim Haibeck, USA, Website
Her plates are absolutely amazing. Her designs are original and unique and that is exactly what nail stampers are looking for. I own all of her plates that have come out so far and plan to get the new ones as they become available.
Joan Blisard, Texas
I have purchased plates and have been extremely happy with the plates i received. Postage was fast and everything was packaged in a way to prevent any damage in transit. I wont hesitate to purchase from messy mansion again nor will i hesitate in recommending this great site to my friends......keep up the great work!!
Kylie Hicks
I love using the Messy Mansion site. I have een stamping for almost a year now and made my first purchase from the site before it expanded to include all these wonderful new series. When I had a question it was answered promptly and though I have never had any issues that needed resolving, the communication I have received leaves me sure that any issues would be resolved excellently. As for the plates themselves, everything I have gotten has worked amazingly. My favorite plate is the new celtic design plate! I HIGHLY recommend shopping here!
Heather C, Michigan, USA
I placed an order with messy mansion and they accidentally sent me the wrong plate. I contacted Julia and she told me that I could keep the incorrect 1 and that she would get 1 in the mail the very same day the correct 1. I thought that was very nice of her to do that. I also had placed an order and needed to have it stopped and Julia was right on top of it to get it cancelled and refund it back on to my credit card. I love her and her sight and her plates are awesome! I suggest everybody try the plates and you will be is happy with them as I am.
Renay Templeton, Bridgeport, Ohio USA
I own a couple of these plates one of which gave me one of my top 10 favorite mani's. Plate MM01. Best stain glassed mani ever. Julia has outstanding customer service and has held a plate for me so I could purchase at a later date when we knew they would sell out. Her shipping is always fast to the US and I havent had any issues yet with my plates, but im sure if I did she would fix it for me asap. You cant go wrong with a purchase from this site!
Precious Stallworth, Michigan, Website
I can never resist a Messy Mansion plate! Her images are unique and creative, and the quality of her plates are always top. On top of that, she keeps her INTERNATIONAL shipping incredibly low, and always offers top notch customer service.

Kiss me, I’m Irish!

Great Irish themed plate gets you in the mood for a rollicking good time!

Kiss me, I’m Irish! Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Get your girly on…

Gorgeous boudoir looks are yours with MM06 our great new image plate.

Get your girly on… Get your girly on...

Always something different…

Beautiful koi fish.. so easy to achieve with stamping.

Always something different… Always something different...

Purple Presents

Cute black bows set off China Glaze 'no plain jane' over a purple creme. Gorgeous!

Purple Presents Purple Presents

Green Skull and Crossbones

Funky and casual skull and crossbones add an edge to your look!

Green Skull and Crossbones Green Skull and Crossbones

Chinese Takeout

Gorgeous oriental nails in black and iridescent green. An easy to wear, easy to create look for your sultry nights.

Chinese Takeout Chinese Takeout

Tis’ the season!

Celebrate with these great lights! This was my Christmas party look. :)

Tis’ the season! Tis' the season!

Skull and Cutiebones

Pink holo teamed with loveskulls rocks the girly pirate look!

Skull and Cutiebones Skull and Cutiebones

Star of the silver screen

Gorgeous nails celebrate all the glamour of old world hollywood.

Star of the silver screen Star of the silver screen

I’ve got the music in me…

A combination of stamping and freehand brings this keyboard to life!

I’ve got the music in me… I've got the music in me...

fantastic french with antique border

Create delicate french tips with this plate. Use the other gorgeous designs to highlight a feature nail.

fantastic french with antique border fantastic french with antique border
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